Interior Design & Custom Furniture

Simon Hamui is a contemporary design studio specialized in custom furniture, specialty millwork and interior architecture. Our projects are wide-ranging in scope, tackling anything from commissions for unique pieces of furniture, to turn-key interior design projects – including art curating, interior architectural details and lighting design – for private residences, hotels, offices and yachts.


The firm has its main headquarters in Mexico City with a workshop that integrates woodwork, stone, metal and upholstery departments to manufacture their custom pieces. Our work can be mainly found across Mexico and the United States.

All custom pieces are manufactured at our 110-person workshop in Mexico City, where we have woodworking, stone, metal and upholstery departments working in unison. Our use of multiple materials in highly detailed pieces requires a working space with accessible communication among departments.

The result is a fluid integration among trades that allows for constant refinement of each piece throughout the manufacturing process.


Our team of highly specialized craftsmen has been assembled over the last 30 years. We take great pride in our work, our Mexican creativity and heritage, and our constant pursuit of perfection in the products we produce.